Agritech Innovation Challenge

This one-day event will provide a platform for the agriculture and agrifood sector to communicate their challenges and needs to a select audience of B.C. innovators (startups, established companies, researchers) with agritech solutions. Attendees will engage in discussions on how to address the challenges identified by B.C.’s agriculture industry. The event will:

  • Introduce agriculture and agrifood industry challenges to B.C. innovators.
  • Enable B.C. innovators to ask technical questions, to better understand the challenge opportunities for their innovative solutions.
  • Provide opportunities for agritech companies to mold their product innovations to better serve the agriculture and agrifood industry.
  • Provide opportunities for agriculture and agrifood representatives to explore the potential benefits of tech adoption.
  • Provide B.C. tech companies the experience to discover a growing market opportunity.

  • Build relationships among B.C. innovators, industry contacts, and government organizations in the agriculture and agrifood sector.

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