Challenge Overview

Food, innovation and the world of opportunity – competitive, sustainable agriculture

The global food economy continues to challenge the world’s best thinkers and achievers in meeting the growing demand for safe and readily accessible nutrition. The combination of leading agricultural practices and advanced technology is enabling B.C. to take advantage of a domestic and international opportunity.

B.C.’s agrifood and seafood sector is one of the most diverse in North America, and our innovative technology sector is developing new methods to increase diversity, sustainability, productivity and market growth.

Agritech Innovation Challenge will launch the “Growing our Future Together – B.C. Agrifood and Seafood Conference” on November 14th. The Challenge will bring together leading innovators, investors, venture capitalists, tech experts and marketing experts to support the next generation of technology development in order to enhance the competitiveness and resiliency of B.C.’s agrifood sector.

The Challenge will advance thinking in the following areas:

  • Enhancing productivity and profitability of B.C. berries through mechanization
  • Minimizing losses through pest management and loss reduction solutions
  • Promoting sustainable practices and finding efficiencies in greenhouses
  • Creating new revenue streams and addressing environmental concerns through effective nutrient management and nutrient recovery solutions, and
  • Promoting overall food supply security for the Province of B.C.

At the event, participants will receive information packages that outline in detail the agrifood sector challenges that were presented. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to discuss ideas and innovations with technology, entrepreneurship and agriculture sector experts.

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What happens post event?

Following the event, the BC Innovation Council will provide requirements and a template for project submissions and Challenge information.  Using the template, innovators and researchers will be invited to submit how their technology could help address the presented challenges.

Submissions will be adjudicated by a panel of experts and a shortlist of successful candidates will advance towards funding opportunities, and an opportunity to pitch at the #BCTECH Summit in March 2017.

Successful candidates will also receive the support of technical, financial and marketing experts to contribute to the development of their proposed technology solutions.